barkeeper's friend

I got these sweet bar stools from my aunt when she moved recently and I really liked the shabby-ness of them but they weren't very chic. They we scratched up and marked all over like so:

Well, baby g and I were making one of our weekly (er daily) trips to Target when I came across clearance napkins! Score! I snatched them and new exactly what would be done with them! We went home and out came the sewing machine and spray paint.

After sanding (only a little cause I like them looking worn in), priming and painting I started on the seat covers. First I measured the radius of the seat and drew circles in some batting to add as padding and then added 4 1/2 more inches to the radius and drew circles in the napkins. The extra inches were 2 for the width of the seat, 2 to overlap and 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Once the sides were cut and the seams were pinned, I made stitches all along the side leaving enough space to fit my elastic through.

To make it easier to feed through the seams, attach a safety pin to the elastic (hint: it helps if the pin goes through the elastic a couple times instead of just one, so that the elastic doesn't get caught as easily when feeding it through the seam... not like how it is in the picture... eh, you live and learn).

To finish it off, once the elastic is all the way through open the safety pin and pin the pieces together that need to be stitched so you do lose all the hard work you just did. A nice big X should do the trick.

Et Voila! Good as new!


  1. They look amazing! I wish I knew how to sew! I can do the very very basic stuff but I would never know how to throw something as cute as this together!

  2. Nice re-do. Quick. Change able when you want to, great idea to use cloth napkins - just the right size.
    - Joy

  3. Great job! And I like that it's elastic...so easy to just throw in the wash. I really need to just make the covers for mine, been procrastinating far too long! Thanks for the inspiration!