creepy crawly

We are still in Halloween mode over at our house! We've got our fog machine ready, our blacklights out, anything that glows in the dark and lots of candy! I just have a few more finishing touches and then we are good to Ghoul :)

Although the front of our house is cute and grassy with a big tree and stuff, the grass stops and rocks start right were our front door is, which makes it hard to put any of the good ol sticky spider webs. I thought about sucking it up and doing that but it would be so hard to tell that they were spider webs and not dirty spots, so I decided to opt for something that will stand out a little but more. Black yarn!

First you make a right triangle with three strings:

then start in one corner bringing the yarn to the other side:

then from another corner bring yarn across wrapping around each piece of yarn that gets in its way:

These are pretty durable too! They even hold my gigantic glow-in-the-dark spider!

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