glitter is gold!

I have a DANGEROUS fascination with glitter. Everything looks better with glitter... glitter.... glitter...GLITTER! As we were carving pumpkins my mind wandered as I tried to figure out how to make my pumpkin look like it was glowing. It's easy to pull off the glowing look in photos but I wanted the light to shine from far away and then came glitter! Pumpkins are super moist on the inside. That's the only thing that keeps them from molding in fact. So I decided to pour some gold glitter all on the inside of the pumpkin and the moisture grabs onto each teeny tiny shiny circle so easily! If the pumpkin dries out, mold starts to grow and the glitter starts to fall. So to keep your guy alive and shining make sure to spray it daily with a bleach/water mixture. Love the way they turned out!


  1. Adorable!! Um, don't know where I have been but I love all the recent blog posts!!

  2. Clever and spooky at the same time! Love it!