so trashy

I have a bit of a reputation with my in-laws as a super-hippie-green-loving-treehugger . I'm totally okay with that. I like making sure that I'm not wasting what's usable and damaging the world we live in. Example: the entire cupboard under the kitchen sink is filled with paper towel rolls, empty baby food jars, glass bottles and empty formula cans that will one days have a new purpose. We have two trash cans - one for trash and the other for recycle. However, when we have people over they usually both get trash put in them and all my hard sorting work gets thrown out. literally. So I decided to put a stop to this and went over to miss lindsay's house and used her silhouette to point out the difference to our visitors. Oh how I love a silhouette. I love my Cricut too, but a silhouette is so easy to use and has so many options! I like that it can easily be hooked up to any computer and uses the computer's fonts. The cartridges for a critcut can become tedious and inconvenient. I somehow need to figure out how to get Sure Cuts a Lot to work on my cricut! Anywho, I simply took some clipart designs and put them into the software, outlined the edges and cut. This is a pretty easy way to not attract too much attention and still stay organized. I love it!



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