Festive Festivities

Alright, this is my formal apology for lagging SO MUCH the past few weeks! I have been slightly busy with the Thanksgiving-ness at my house, not to mention that I got asked to throw a party for about 250 people last night for my church (the day after is the best feeling ever!) and I have a White Elephant party coming up in a few weeks that I'm working on. Not to mention decorating for the holidays, shopping for Christmas presents, getting ready for our family trip, being a mom, being a wife and cleaning the house! (notice how cleaning is last on my list?... come over and you will see why) Case in point:

So now let's get back into the swing of things with some photos of the Christmas party I did last night and some printables for you and yours! The party really was so much fun! There were a ton of people and we needed a way to keep the kids at the tables so we provided crayons and coloring books and had the tables covered in craft paper to keep them busy which worked...

until they noticed the balloons on the ceiling:

This was probably my favorite part of the decorations. Too bad this picture is after the kids and teenagers demolished them and started sucking out the helium and running around all over singing songs with very high pitched voices. So this is what was left. It was super easy to do! I had little kid help cutting out some snowflakes out of paper and we also used these which were awesome because they come in so many sizes.
It made the whole room look like a winter wonderland!

 Now on to the labels and printables for you to enjoy for the upcoming festivities!

We used labels on everything to keep it all organized. With the 250 people and others providing food it can get super hectic so these were a must and I think they turned out pretty well. They could be used at home for a fun Hot Chocolate night or a Christmas Eve party. Just right click, save and print! (or drag to your desktop on a Mac) Enjoy!

(mid candy cane grab)


  1. Looks like the party was a hit! I might be borrowing a few of these ideas!

  2. I love that snowy ceiling, might just be the best idea for a Christmas party ever. And I feel the need to purchase and gobble some whipped snow ;)