Here are some quick and easy Holiday Decor ideas!

Place some command hooks on pictures and use them to coordinate which stocking belongs to whom!
Simple and super easy clean-up.

Toss some ornaments into a jar and your set!

Place holiday candy in apothecary jars! For an added touch, put an unpainted piece of wood
behind and hang snowflakes from it!

re-use an old wreath! Just wrap in fabric, and add some flowers! This one could work for the fourth of July too!

While you're at it make a second one and put out matching pillows on the patio. Here's how:

wrap the wreath with 4-6 inch wide strips of fabric of choice like so:

Grab so felt. Cut circles and fold them on top of each other. Once they are folded glue to another circle in an unorganized way. The more unorgnized the more it will appeal to the eye.

You can also fold into 1/2 inch strips and wrap into a circle.

Adding bells makes it that much more fun!


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  1. I will now be spending all weekend making Christmas decorations! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas! xoxo