clean up, clean up

with the fad of juice diets going on the green drinks, I thought I might share a little tip. I love, Love, LOVE green drinks and juices but I'm pretty sure I equally loathe cleaning my blender. We have a sweet Ninja that is like the godfather of blenders and there are a million little blades on this thing. It scares me. In fact I actually witnessed my sister-in-law slice her finger on it. Therefore I devised a new plan to keep it clean. All you have to do is rinse it, fill it with water, add soap and blend it all together. Simple. Depending on how grimy my blended sweets are, I'll do this a couple times and it ALWAYS comes clean. Easiest clean up ever.

Nice and bubbly

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  1. I will definitely tell mom and dad because I do not want them to lose a finger! xoxo