Hey all!

Alright can I apologize once again for the serious lagging that has been going on the past month?! Sorry! Now that Christmas, Anniversary and G's party are finished (till next year) I'm hoping to have more time to get back into the swing of things.

If you know me outside the blog world, you would already know this stunning bit of information. If you don't know me personally then get ready for the big reveal!

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day

Sorry! In fact, I absolutely refused to get married in the month of February because I thought it was lame and cliche, so we got married in January. Low and behold the fates worked against me and baby G was born in February the very next year! Needless to say February is growing on me...

To celebrate all this lovey-dovey-ness I decided to dedicate this month to things that I love!

Today's love love love is Printables!

Because I love printables so much, I thought that I might share some with you fine folks. Both are 8x10 size. Just open in a new window, right-click and save to your computer. Easy Peasy. Enjoy!

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