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Another love in my life is reading. It is not much of a surprise for me to have such a love of stories and books growing up with my dad. He would take us to the library when we were little and let us pick out any book that we wanted. It was so fun to sit and choose but the best part to me was when we got to go home and read them and then write book reports on the book that we got to check out! Yes, I'm serious. I loved it. No joke. He owns a few bookstores and my parents house has slowly turned into a library over the years. I aspire to their collection.

I am trying to make sure that our Little One loves books as much as we do. I think it is really important for kids these days to read from an actualy piece of paper instead of playing on kindles or ipads (however I might reform in later years so don't hold that against me). I make a point to show Little One how fun books are by pointing out the colors and words slowly and I always have tons of books mixed in with toys so he can see how fun they are.

I just came across this link on Pinterest. It is a great list and perfect for all ages.

I also did a little printable for Little One's room that I wanted to share with you fine folks as well!

download                                                                  download

download                                                                     download

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