mister man

We had a birthday in our family a few weeks ago and boy was it fun to celebrate! I love a good party! The shin-dig's theme was "Mr. Man". Little baby G from day one has been beyond his years. He is bigger than most of his cousins and has always learned very very fast. He was born very prematurely and we were told it would take a few years for him to catch up. It didnt. He is a total champ and the Man theme was absolutely perfect! We had a blast!
Food was simple and "manly" themed. Hot dogs and "handlebar" veggies with plenty of sweets. I made cupcakes to look like sliders and cut thin sugar cookies to look like fries.

We wanted to make sure that everyone knew this was a party and to act like it was, so instead of the boring center pieces, I spruced up each table with balloons tied to a basket of games! Each basket had bubbles, kaleidescopes, UNO (for the adults), crayons and coloring pages. We played games, had a pinata and made funny faces in the photobooth too!

looks like it was a hit :)

We sure loved our party and hope you do too! Here is a printable for the coloring pages just for you!
Just open in a new window, right click and save. enjoy!


  1. That was seriously such a fun party! You are so creative! Everything was absolutely perfect! Happy birthday G!!

  2. I would love to know where you got your invitation from! We are having a mustache bash too!