the apple doesn't fall far

Having my family in California and Mr. L's family in Arizona gets a little tricky when trying to keep a 16 month old entertained in the car for 6 hours. We are planning on traveling quite a bit this summer and I've been struggling to keep this boy entertained in the car so that he doesn't remember that he knows how to undo his carseat... great.

I've pinned plenty of ideas on pinterest which got my creative juices flowing. Since we have so many family get togethers coming up and we don't get to see everyone all the time, I wanted Gunnar to know who everyone was, so I printed a picture of each person in our family and put it in a photo book from the dollar section. The Guns loves it! He smiles the entire time he looks through it. One of my favorite parts is that because it is just a cheap plastic book, it's super easy to tape back together or replace it! 

...and luck you! Here's the printable for the cover!

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