As I'm sitting down to post this, I'm thinking about just how grateful I am. This time last year I was in labor with my son at 22 weeks pregnant. Thankfully we were able to keep him in for 12 more weeks but the time between Thanksgiving and his birth was probably the most challenging time of my life. Words cannot begin to even express how happy I am that he was born healthy and has continued to be so. I've decided that each post I do this month will begin with something meaningful that I am grateful for. This will help you as readers know me a little better and this will help me know myself a little better.

Now on to the fun! I'm in the process of making a new wreath which will be posted shortly. In the meantime I made some printables for the coming day of gratitude. Just click the link below the pictures, choose your size, click "actions" and download. Easy as pie.

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