this is what falling off the wagon looks like

The other day I found this deal on craigslist. Ironically, the guy who I bought it from was a coworker of Mr. L. I didn't know until I showed up to their house! What are the odds...

Our family pictures are coming up, so I decided to do something fun with it! Here is a photo step by step of how to add new life to an old messed up wagon!

Before you prime, you definitely need to sand! These bad boys rust quite quickly so getting all of that off is a must. Sorry I'm lacking in the mid-sanding-picture department. Once you've sanded prime it up! I'm a huge lover of Killz brand primer. It is less toxic than any other primer and works amazingly. 
Tip: instead of priming and sanding, just shake the Killz bottle for 2 minutes (i swear this works)
and there are no lumps to sand down!

 Ready for paint and re-assembly!

oooh, It looks so good!

Baby boy is super sick so he snuggled on in and we went on a walk for some fresh air which made for a mini photo session.

I think he enjoyed it


  1. I love the color! Thanks for the tips on how to give it a makeover, it turned out awesome! I'm your newest follower i'd love if you followed me back!


  2. So cute! I love the color! And I especially love the cute baby riding in it! ;)

  3. LOVE THIS! We did this too! It was so much fun!
    Could you please share this with my readers too?