helping hands

I'm a sucker for doing good so to keep up with the theme of things I love,
I want to share a blog with you who's cause is dear to my heart.

These girls are amazing! They are sisters who decided to put their skills to work in changing the lives of others. They are so creative and giving. They sell beautiful scarves for a great cause. All money (beside the cost of the actual fabric) goes straight to a school in Ghana. They have updates of the kids and the school so you really get to know these kids and their lives.

I was so excited when I stumbled upon their idea! I immediately ordered one for myself, my mom and each of my sisters! We love them all so much! Scarves are a great accessory and these are beautiful and help others!

Please take the time to head on over to their site and send a Ghanaian Child a Valentine!

(sorry for the phone pictures)


  1. I love, Love, LOVE my scarf!! Thank you sooo much xoxo

  2. You look beautiful! Maybe when we move back to the states I'll get one.